529s, I Bonds, TIPS, S Corps, ETFs, and 403(b)s

Today, we cover a variety of your questions. We talk about when it is worth passing cash through a 529 account and if you should use 529s to fund K-12 education. We talk about how interest on I Bonds works and go into why TIPs have been performing pretty poorly as of late. We dive into the tax implications for S Corps and talk about why it is not a great idea to purchase ETFs after hours. And finally, we talk about the age-old question of Roth IRAs vs. 403(b)s. There is a little something for everyone today.

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Moving Cash Through a 529 Account

“Hi Jim. I have a question about 529 accounts that I haven’t heard directly addressed in the past. My situation is that currently we’re contributing a monthly amount auto-deducted from our checking account into our 529 account as a college savings vehicle for our kids. Well, this year we decided to move them to a private elementary school, and my understanding is that we can pay for that with 529 money,…

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This article was written by Megan Scott and originally published on www.whitecoatinvestor.com