Why would anyone want their own pool? They’re certainly no good for swimming in | Adrian Chiles

Swimming pools: what’s the point of them? I don’t mean big public pools, the benefits of which are clear. I mean the small private ones in gardens, which you see in particular abundance as you descend over various home counties coming in to land at Gatwick, or at hotels, or some rental properties. Particularly cooed over are the ones known as infinity pools, where one side isn’t a proper side, so to speak. No, thrillingly, the water flows right over the edge. So what? I mean, really, so what?

If you do an internet search for the number of houses with pools in the UK, the first number that comes up is a staggering 210,000. The best part of a quarter of a million? Surely not.

Further investigation suggests the average size of a domestic pool is roughly 9 metres by 4.5 metres. Plunging deeper into these shallow waters, I learn that a pool of this size tends to contains about 50,000 litres of water. This, multiplied by 210,000, gives a total number of litres that’s too big for my…

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This article was written by Adrian Chiles and originally published on www.theguardian.com