Trump staffers were more focused on securing big pictures from White House walls than properly sorting government documents, report says

Then-President Donald Trump in the Oval Office.
Many Trump staffers focused on getting photos from White House walls when his term ended, per Politico.
They prioritized it over properly sorting and storing his documents, the report said.
Trump is currently being investigated for how he handled documents after his presidency.

Staffers for former President Donald Trump were more focused on getting pictures from the White House walls than on storing documents in line with the rules and procedures that come with the end of a presidency, Politico reported.

Politico’s report, based on interviews with former Trump aides and officials, said many staffers wanted to secure “jumbos” — the big pictures on the walls of the West Wing — at the end of the Trump presidency.

They prioritized this over sorting and storing documents, the report said.

Staffers were also less motivated to properly deal with documents because so many staff members left at the end of the presidency, leaving a smaller…

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