The Guide to TSA PreCheck Renewal

TSA PreCheck helps to expedite your journey through airport security. With lines often snaking around the airport, having it can make a big difference.

Membership in the program is valid for five years, and renewing it online is recommended about six months before expiration. There is no penalty to starting early since the new membership period begins as soon as the previous one ends, meaning you won’t be overlapping membership periods.

Here’s what you need to know about TSA PreCheck renewal, so you can extend your membership for another five years.

How much is TSA PreCheck renewal?

TSA PreCheck renewal is easier (and cheaper) than before since it can be done online and the membership fee has dropped from $85 to $70 for online applications. TSA says that most people renew online anyway, but if you choose to do it in person, the $85 price remains.

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