Mike Pence says he ‘would consider’ testifying before the January 6 committee

Former Vice President Mike Pence.
Former Vice President Mike Pence said he ‘would consider’ testifying for the Jan. 6 committee.
NBC reporter Peter Nicholas asked Pence at a Politics & Eggs breakfast on Tuesday if he is willing.
The Jan. 6 committee has announced it will host more hearings after the congressional recess. 

Former Vice President Mike Pence said he would be open to testifying before the House select committee Investigating the  January 6 Capitol siege, according to NBC.

“If there was an invitation to participate, I would consider it,” Pence told NBC News’s Nicholas at Politics & Eggs breakfast in Manchester, New Hampshire.

—Peter Nicholas (@Petereporter) August 17, 2022


Pence has had a starring role in many of the committee’s previous hearings discussing not only his refusal to overturn the 2020 election at the demands of former President Donald Trump but also for threats made to his life during the Capitol riot itself.

During a last-minute surprise hearing, key…

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