Cortez Masto’s misfired attack on Laxalt’s opioid record

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“As Nevada’s attorney general, Adam Laxalt refused to sue an opioid company that dumped 400 million pills onto our streets. Maybe that’s because Laxalt took tens of thousands of dollars from opioid manufacturers to fund his campaign. Adam Laxalt took their money and turned his back on Nevada.”

Campaign ad for Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.), released Aug. 2

“When the city of Reno wanted to go after the opioid manufacturers for the damage they’ve caused, Nevada’s attorney general, Adam Laxalt, tried to block Reno from holding them accountable. Maybe that’s because Laxalt took over $20,000 from opioid companies for his campaign.”

Cortez Masto ad, released Aug. 13

The Senate race between incumbent Cortez Masto and her Republican opponent, Adam Laxalt, is one of the closest in the nation.

Nevada was one of the states most affected by the opioid crisis. In an attack ad, Cortez Masto has accused Laxalt of refusing to sue…

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