Spain wildfires: up to 20 injured after passengers break out of train engulfed by flames

As many as 20 passengers have suffered burns, three of them seriously, after they jumped from a train when it was engulfed by a forest fire near Castellón in north-east Spain.

The train, en route from Sagunto in the eastern province of Valencia, to Zaragoza, stopped while the driver, seeing that the fire meant it was too dangerous to proceed, was preparing to reverse the train.

A number of passengers, fearing that the train would be consumed by the fire, panicked and fled after breaking windows to escape.

Two of those with the most serious burns were evacuated by helicopter while others, among them a young girl around 10 years old, were taken to nearby hospitals.

According to emergency services, a 58-year-old woman is among those who suffered the worst burns after fleeing the train.

The train, with 48 passengers on board, stopped and before the driver had managed to reverse away from the fire, several passengers broke the windows and escaped on to the tracks.

“Once they saw that they…

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This article was written by Stephen Burgen in Barcelona and originally published on