Schools in England told not to cut days over energy price rises

The government has warned schools in England not to send children home to save on energy costs this winter.

It comes amid reports that some schools are considering three or four day-weeks to save money.

A headteachers’ union told the BBC schools were unlikely to bring in shorter weeks, but other cuts were possible amid soaring energy bills.

It could result in bigger class sizes or delays to building projects, the union said.

Like businesses, schools are not covered by the price cap on household energy bills, and many will be facing big hikes in prices.

School budgets in England are due to rise by 7% per pupil this year as part of a long-term funding settlement – but headteachers are warning this may not cover a predicted rise in energy prices and increased staffing costs.

Schools have been asked to cover recently-announced pay rises for teachers and other staff from within the existing education budget.

Over the weekend, the Sunday Telegraph reported that some headteachers were…

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