Sarah Palin, Nick Begich and Mary Peltola are competing in an Alaska House race.

The field of candidates in an open primary to replace former Representative Don Young of Alaska, who died in March, is packed: eight Republicans, one Democrat and 13 other contenders, for a total of 22 names on the ballot on Tuesday. Four of them will advance to November.

The most famous name belongs to Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican nominee for vice president, who has been endorsed by former President Donald J. Trump. But there are two other strong candidates in the race: Nick Begich III, a former co-chairman of the Alaska Republican Party’s Finance Committee, and Mary Peltola, a Democratic former state lawmaker.

Those three are also on the ballot in a separate special election on Tuesday, which will determine who fills the seat until the current term ends in January. That contest is being held under a ranked-choice system and, because ranked-choice voting requires extensive tabulations, it may take a couple weeks to learn who won it.

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