Liz Cheney: Republican Trump critic faces election battle in Wyoming

One of the most prominent Republican critics of Donald Trump is fighting to retain her seat in Congress, with a candidate backed by the former president mounting a strong challenge.

Republicans in Wyoming will decide who will contest Liz Cheney’s seat in the House of Representatives on Tuesday.

Polls suggest the 56-year-old is facing an uphill battle to win re-election.

The three-term congresswoman is vice-chair of the panel investigating Mr Trump over last year’s Capitol riot.

Ms Cheney – who also voted to impeach the former president – has become a virtual outcast within the party over her involvement with the panel, which is examining Mr Trump’s role in the January 6 riot as well as the broader attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election results.

Her top challenger, meanwhile, was handpicked by Mr Trump and has embraced his unfounded claims that the election was fraudulent.

Harriet Hageman – a 59-year-old lawyer who ran to be Wyoming governor in 2018 – also defended Mr…

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