Good news for crudité lovers in Pennsylvania: Salsa prices have dropped

Good News For Crudité Lovers In Pennsylvania: Salsa Prices Have Dropped - T2Gfmhq2Oai63Omywkvwr5Mena
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Look, running for office is not easy. It can seem easy, particularly to celebrity outsiders: It’s just a popularity contest, right? But as so many have learned before, there’s an element to it that transcends mere popularity. The margin of error granted famous people is erased, and little oddities can become big embarrassments.

Which brings us to this video, first posted by the campaign of Republican Senate candidate Mehmet Oz in April but that went viral for largely inexplicable reasons Monday.

In the video, Oz is shown shopping at a grocery store. He says the store is “Wegner’s,” which doesn’t exist. He seems to be thinking of Wegman’s, a chain that originated in Upstate New York and has moved down the Eastern Seaboard into Pennsylvania and, well, New Jersey. But he is actually in a store called “Redner’s,” which is only found in the state Oz hopes to represent in the U.S. Senate.

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