Apple Is Considering a Controversial Feature that Could Upend This $11 Billion Industry. It’s Making A Lot of People Upset

Apple Is Considering A Controversial Feature That Could Upend This $11 Billion Industry. It’s Making A Lot Of People Upset - Getty 158096231 510715

It’s hard to call Apple an underdog. It’s the world’s most valuable company, not to mention the most profitable. When it comes to Maps, however, Apple lags far behind Google

To be fair, Apple Maps has come a long way from the days when it would give you directions to turn down roads that don’t exist. Back then, even Apple admitted it was so bad that it apologized and suggested users choose an alternative

Over the past few years, Apple has worked hard to turn Maps into a worthy competitor, with features like “Look Around,” which gives you a street-level view of different cities, similar to Google’s Street View. Apple has also added features like transit information with real-time departure and arrival updates, as well as augmented reality turn-by-turn directions. Still, Google–along with Waze, which it also owns–controls more than 80 percent of the market.

To be honest, I prefer Apple Maps over Google’s version, most of the time. One of the biggest reasons has always been that…

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