After Mar-a-Lago search, can Dems run against Trumpism but not Trump?

After Mar-A-Lago Search, Can Dems Run Against Trumpism But Not Trump? - Djowrta2Sai63Omywkvwr5Mena
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As a former Central Intelligence Agency analyst, Rep. Elissa Slotkin’s directive to Republican leaders was clear about their responsibility to speak out against the rising vitriol against federal law enforcement after a search for documents at Mar-a-Lago: “Shut that down.”

But as a Democrat representing a Michigan swing district that favored Donald Trump in 2020, Slotkin acknowledges that making Trump a focus of her campaign would not do her many favors when inflation and climbing prices remain front of mind for voters. She plans to focus on touting recent Democratic wins that would benefit her community, including legislation to both help lower prescription drug prices for seniors and bring back manufacturing jobs to a state that is synonymous with the auto industry.

“As a representative, you have to hear what people are talking about and speak to those issues. So, I’m not afraid of any question that comes up,” she said. “That’s…

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