3 Ways to Capitalize on Creativity

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In the ever-changing landscape of entertainment, artists and producers find themselves increasingly submerged in the complex world of business. With streaming on the rise, talent has become a commodity. So how do content creators negotiate deals that won’t end up selling them short?

Ammon Lyle, has worked at Amazon in content acquisition and development for Audible, and for Disney in content strategy as manager of Disney+ and Deal Analysis. He has some valuable insight for those looking to turn talent into a profit. Here are three ways to merge creativity with business prowess.

1. Know Your Rights

This may seem like an obvious suggestion, but content rights — especially in entertainment — are no walk in the park. The elements to consider are almost infinite. However, this is also an advantage: “You can carve out an unlimited amount of rights and sell them as long as you copyright your creations on copyright.gov. It takes 15 minutes,” says Lyle. For instance, the rights can be…

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This article was written by Bharat Kanodia and originally published on www.inc.com