Your Employees Are Concerned About Layoffs. Here’s How You Can Start to Calm Their Fear.

Your Employees Are Concerned About Layoffs. Here'S How You Can Start To Calm Their Fear. - Gettyimages 840643704 510659

Open your LinkedIn feed. You won’t have to scroll long before you come across someone posting about their recent layoff. If you’ve ever been in that position, you know how  scary it is to read a post like that.

Even if your current company hasn’t laid off anyone.

That’s the thing about fear.

It is a fire that spreads fast enough on its own, but the word layoff and 10,000 extra shares make it spread even faster. It is a fire that consumes rationality. It is a fire that will burn right through the reassuring statements of government economists.

Economic anxiety–also known as “Oh, Crap, How Am I Going to Pay the Rent? Syndrome”–is in the air.

If you are a CEO or a founder, now is the time to sharpen your internal communication game.

You can start by being a better leader.

Increase your accessibility

A leader who separates themself from their people is no leader at all. A leader behind a locked door (whether real or metaphorical) also gives the impression that they are working on…

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