Pennsylvania Man Charged With Threatening F.B.I. After Mar-a-Lago Search

Federal prosecutors charged a Pennsylvania man on Monday with posting multiple violent threats against the F.B.I. online in the days that followed the bureau’s search of former President Donald J. Trump’s private club and residence in Florida.

The man, Adam Bies, 46, compared federal agents to K.G.B. and Nazi officers and threatened to kill them, prosecutors said in a complaint. Mr. Bies posted the messages on Gab, the far-right social media app, and wrote under the pseudonym Adam Kenneth Campbell. He explained in a chat log obtained by investigators that he used the false name “so that corporate Murica’” could not “Google” him “out of a job.”

In one of the messages, posted on Aug. 10, two days after the search of Mr. Trump’s club, Mar-a-Lago, Mr. Bies wrote of the F.B.I., “You’ve declared war on us and now it’s open season on YOU,” according to the complaint.

The next day, he posted a message reading, “I sincerely believe that if you work for the F.B.I.,…

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