How to Write a Successful Best in Business Application

How To Write A Successful Best In Business Application - Bib 3 510143

For three years running, Inc. has celebrated hundreds of companies for being the best: They’re the ones that are smart, strategic leaders in their fields. But more than that, the companies on our Best in Business list have heart–and they pour it into the people and communities around them.

Sound like a list your company ought to be on? Here’s your chance to get the recognition you deserve. You’d be joining a community full of inspiring businesses: Past years have honored industry leaders including BetterUp, Rothy’s, Impossible Foods, Carbon Health, and the Mom Project.

Since we get a lot of questions about what we look for in successful applications, we put together the following tips to give you a clear idea on what makes an applicant stand out.

1. Read the directions.

It’s basic advice, but I offer it for a reason: How you answer the prompts is as important as what your answer contains–and it could make all the difference for catching an editor’s eye. So for example, if we ask you…

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