How Can You Tell Someone Has What It Takes to Be a Leader? Watch for Any of These 5 Signs

How Can You Tell Someone Has What It Takes To Be A Leader? Watch For Any Of These 5 Signs - Gettyimages 1399376591 510427

Since the year 2000, roughly 70 percent of the U.S. workforce has been disengaged, according to Gallup research.

Workers may show up to do what’s required of the job, but they don’t show up with their full selves because they’re just not into their work.

No leader wants to have a disengaged and unmotivated worker on their team. It hurts productivity and lowers morale. This begs the question: In an era where employees call the shots during one of the most precarious times in our history, how do you really engage and motivate your employees?

That’s a great starting point for powerful discussions that I often have with my executive coaching clients. Here’s what I often tell them:

1. Give them work that has meaning and purpose

Studies have revealed that workers who have a sense of purpose are more focused, creative, and resilient. Leaders must make a practice of reminding their employees how their work makes a difference and changes the lives of those they serve. Employees often feel…

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