Google Just Got Exactly What Google Asked For. Here’s How Gmail Will Change As a Result

Google Just Got Exactly What Google Asked For. Here'S How Gmail Will Change As A Result - Gettyimages 1229893857 510439

That’s the short version of the story of Google’s request for the Federal Election Commission to opine on its plan: to let some political entities send unsolicited emails to Gmail users without fear of being sent to spam.

It didn’t matter that thousands of Gmail users who heard about the proposal wrote to the FEC to oppose the idea (record-breaking and near-unanimous opposition, according to one FEC commissioner).

Frankly, it’s not supposed to.

In a meeting last week, the FEC approved what was probably — well, if not a foregone conclusion, probably the betting person’s result: an advisory opinion that told Google, yes, it can go ahead with its plan.

Why? Because the law is the law. And the law is apparently pretty clear here.

In a 4-1 vote (with one abstention), the commission, which is split evenly with three Republicans and three Democrats, said Google’s program would not amount to impermissible corporate campaign contributions, which was really the only sticking point. 

As The…

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