Fox News host wonders aloud if Trump could have tried to sell or share highly classified material to the Russians or Saudi Arabians

In July, former President Donald Trump expressed his unhappiness with “Fox & Friends,” a talk show he was known to do regular calls with.
Fox News host Eric Shawn asked if Trump tried to sell the classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago.
He wondered if Trump tried to “sell or share” documents “to the Russians” or “the Saudis.”
Shawn’s speculation comes amid Trump’s growing ire against Fox News programs like “Fox & Friends.”

A Fox News host on Sunday wondered aloud if former President Donald Trump might have attempted to sell the classified documents he kept at Mar-a-Lago to Russia or Saudi Arabia. 

Speaking during a live broadcast on Fox News on Sunday, Eric Shawn raised one possibility about what Trump could have done with the classified documents the FBI found during their search of Trump’s Florida residence

“And more questions are being raised this morning. Did former President Trump try to sell or share the highly classified material to the Russians or to the Saudis, or…

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