An Unsung Benefit of Insurance

By Dr. James M. Dahle, WCI Founder

I get accused all the time of being anti-insurance. Nothing could be further from the truth. While I’m no fan of mixing your investments with insurance—via high-commission products like whole life insurance, variable universal life insurance, index universal life insurance, and annuities—I have taught for more than a decade that if you have an insurance need for a financial catastrophe, you should insure well.

Recently, I was dealing with three insurance claims at once. One was for a break-in for a building syndication I manage, but the other two were claims on our personal insurance policies. Here’s what happened.


Making Insurance Claims

The first of these was a claim for damage to our boat. Our favorite lake has fluctuating water levels. And when I say fluctuating, I really mean it. The level has varied by more than 110 feet just in the time we’ve been going there—35 feet in the last year (yay drought!).

Needless to say, that results…

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