The Italian town that celebrates fish and chips

Close your eyes and inhale deeply and the smells could transport you to almost any Scottish town centre.

Open them, though, and you will find that your nose has been deceiving you.

The distinctive aroma of fish and chips has been wafting through the Italian town of Barga every summer since the early 1980s.

Now in its 40th edition, the Sagra del Pesce e Patate is back in full swing this year as Covid restrictions ease.

Organised by local football team, AS Barga, it takes place at their home ground – the Johnny Moscardini stadium, named after the only Scottish-born male footballer to play for Italy.

The event raises funds for the club and also a number of charities.

At its heart, is a celebration of the long-standing link between this Tuscan town and Scotland which goes back many years.

Many emigrants at the start of the 20th Century and between the two world wars left Barga and the hills around it to start a new life further north.

It is a connection which sees the town proudly…

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