Salman Rushdie Is Off Ventilator and Starting to Recover

The attack happened in a center dedicated to learning and reflection. A video on TikTok that was subsequently taken down showed the chaotic scene moments after the attacker had jumped onto the stage at the normally placid institution. Mr. Rushdie, who had been living relatively openly after years of a semi-clandestine existence, had just taken a seat to give a talk when a man attacked him.

A crowd of people immediately rushed to where the author lay on the stage to offer aid. Stunned members of the audience could be seen throughout the amphitheater. While some were screaming, others got up and moved slowly toward the stage. People started to congregate in the aisles. A person could be heard yelling “Oh, my God” repeatedly.

Security at the Chautauqua Institution is minimal. At its main amphitheater, which regularly hosts popular musical acts and celebrity speakers and where Mr. Rushdie was scheduled to speak, there are no bag checks or metal detectors.

Little is known about Mr….

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This article was written by Elizabeth A. Harris and originally published on