Edinburgh Fringe: ‘Extreme’ racism behind Sadowitz scrapping – venue

An Edinburgh Festival show by controversial comedian Jerry Sadowitz was cancelled for “extreme racism and misogyny”, venue bosses have said.

The Pleasance axed the second of his two nights at Edinburgh’s International Conference Centre on Saturday.

Sadowitz, 61, an American-born Scot, is a veteran of the Fringe and known for his provocative stand-up shows.

The venue said it received an “unprecedented” number of complaints from audience members and staff.

Sadowitz performed at the 1,300-seat Lennox room at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre on Friday. It is understood less than half the tickets were sold.

The Pleasance said a “large number” of people walked out as they “felt uncomfortable and unsafe to remain in the venue”.

It declined to give any detail about what material by Sadowitz prompted the complaints.

However, in a further statement on Sunday, it said: “We became immediately aware of content that was considered, among other things, extreme in its racism,…

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