Chelsea v Tottenham: Premier League – live!

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Half-time entertainment:

Half-time: Chelsea 1-0 Tottenham Hotspur

Chelsea have been excellent; Spurs have been feeble.

45+2 min Conte has work to do at half-time, and what I’m especially enjoying is the way Tuchel is sort of using the box midfield, that he played when Chelsea won the league, against him, with Havertz and Mount buzzing about like Pedro and Hazard, in front of Jorginho and Kante rather than Kante and Fabregas.

45 min There’ll be three added minutes.

45 min good from Chelsea again, Jorginho swinging in a decent cross, but at the far post, Loftus-Cheek can’t get enough of it to direct his header on target, a flick sending the ball wide.

43 min “If you’re straying down the murky road of commentator mannerisms,” says Andy Fordham, “Steve McManaman always uses the phrase: ‘to be very honest’. Really gets on my wick.…”

If he’s just “being honest”, do we believe him? The…

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