Biden gets a big victory and Democrats get some November talking points

Biden Gets A Big Victory And Democrats Get Some November Talking Points - Y5Jmbokxwnd2Hbietvrondqd3U
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President Biden has suffered through many bad weeks and difficult months. This past week wasn’t among them.

Final passage of the Inflation Reduction Act on Friday notched a major victory for the president and his fellow Democrats, capping events over the past 60 days that could — could — redraw the landscape for the November elections.

A few months ago, Republicans were expansive in their predictions about what would happen in the upcoming midterms. Democrats were in the dumps. Many Republicans remain quite bullish about their prospects — and for many good reasons. But today, Democrats are cautiously optimistic about their chances to defy those early predictions and deny Republicans the big gains once seen as inevitable.

Democrats who weathered the 2010 midterm election, which saw the party take a beating and lose control of the House, say the political climate, while still tilted toward the Republicans, is not nearly as bad as it was…

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