After Nancy Pelosi: A San Francisco Race ‘That Shall Not Be Named’

SAN FRANCISCO — Nancy Pelosi has made two very different, almost irreconcilable statements about her political future.

In 2018, she pledged that 2022 would be her last year as House Democratic leader, acceding to a term limit to quell an uprising and secure a second stint as speaker. In January, she announced she was running for another two-year term in the House.

With the House’s passage of the sweeping measure to address climate change and prescription drug prices on Friday — “a glorious day for us,” Ms. Pelosi beamed — and her China-defying trip to Taiwan serving as a diplomatic career capstone, the question of what comes next for Ms. Pelosi is only intensifying.

Will she press to stay on as speaker if Democrats somehow hold the House? Or, if Republicans take control, will she simply retire?

She could break her 2018 pledge and seek to remain Democratic leader in the minority. Those close to her describe only one option as inconceivable: a demotion to the backbench.


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