4 habits of great leaders, according to David Rubenstein in How to Lead

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David Rubenstein is fascinated with leadership. The Carlyle Group cofounder interviews CEOs, entrepreneurs, and game-changers in his book, How To Lead. The interviews include everyone from Indra Nooyi to Jeff Bezos and offer fascinating insights for anyone who aspires to greatness.

I find Rubenstein’s introduction the most valuable part of the book because he breaks down the common habits successful leaders share in any field. Nearly everyone who has achieved something great focuses, fails, persists, and persuades.

1. Focus

Focus your energy on truly mastering one skill or subject, says Rubenstein. You can broaden your focus only after establishing your credibility and expertise in that area.

For example, when former PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi was working her way up at the company, she specialized in simplifying complex ideas and communicating them effectively. So when senior managers needed someone to pour through thousands of pages of competitive analysis and summarize it for them,…

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This article was written by Carmine Gallo and originally published on www.inc.com