23 genius products that solve every little annoying problem in your life

These days, there’s seemingly a product for everything. And while it doesn’t make sense to fill your home with one-function knick-knacks, sometimes investing in a gadget or accessory makes sense if it eliminates daily inconveniences. 

Whether you want to be outside (but hate the heat wave right now) or want to wash your hands without dirtying the sink handles in the process, there are plenty of home upgrades that feel subtle but add up to make a huge difference. So whether you want a mess-free pancake mixer, a bike helmet that fits easily in your bag, or an alarm clock that doesn’t abruptly wake you up, keep reading to see our favorite products to solve all of life’s most annoying problems.

23 products that solve every little problem you have:A hat that physically cools you down in the heat

Mission Cooling Performance Hat, available on Amazon, $19.88

If you’re bogged down by the current heat waves, this baseball cap gets 23 degrees cooler when you wet it, making it a genius (and…

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This article was written by [email protected] (Julia Pugachevsky) and originally published on www.businessinsider.com