Partition Survivors Seek Closure Through a YouTube Channel

FAISALABAD, Pakistan — Nasir Dhillon, a former policeman, sells houses in a Pakistani city about 100 miles from the Indian border. His real estate company has four locations and he drives a Toyota SUV, a local marker of affluence.

But Mr. Dhillon, 38, is better known for his sideline: reuniting people separated from their relatives during partition, when Britain split its large South Asian colony into Hindu-majority India and Muslim-majority Pakistan in August 1947.

Mr. Dhillon is the driving force behind Punjabi Lehar, a six-year-old YouTube channel that posts regular interviews with survivors of that traumatic episode. He says it has enabled a number of Muslims and Sikhs — including some who live in North America — to visit their ancestral villages, and has led to about 100 in-person reunions.

Partition led to communal violence, mass displacement and the deaths of as many as two million people. Some of the young people who survived were separated from their parents or…

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This article was written by Salman Masood and Mike Ives and originally published on