How People With Very High Emotional Intelligence Use the ‘Fortune Cookie Rule’ to Become Super-Resilient

How People With Very High Emotional Intelligence Use The 'Fortune Cookie Rule' To Become Super-Resilient - Gettyimages 1303793807 509111

I think we should start with the high school humor, and then work our way toward the emotional intelligence. 

When I was a teenager, some friends and I used to frequent a Chinese restaurant. A girl who was sort of the center of the group and the life of the party-;let’s call her Jessica-;introduced us to a “PG-13” joke that you probably know.

It went like this. At the end of every meal, we’d get fortune cookies, and we’d read the fortunes out loud. Then, we’d pause and look at Jessica.

With perfect timing, she’d add the same two words to the end of each fortune: “In bed.”

For example, my fortune might read: “Focus, determination, and hard work will always pay off…” And Jessica would add, “In bed!”

It made almost every fortune funny:

“Challenge and adventure awaits!” (“In bed.”) “Your road to success may be bumpy, but it will also be glorious.” (“In bed.”) “Everyone knows fear, but not everyone learns bravery. (“In bed.”)

Here we are, decades later, and I cannot imagine of a…

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