Here’s Why a Cat Bed Is the Most Important Accessory on My Desk

Here'S Why A Cat Bed Is The Most Important Accessory On My Desk - Gettyimages 1221973822 510463

Other than your computer, what’s the most important item on your desk, or in your workspace? For me, it’s a cat bed–a three-sided wooden box with a cushion in it that can either be attached to your desk or placed on top of it, to allow your cat or cats to sit near you while you work.

Why do I love the cat bed so much? It’s partly comfort. When I’m working in my home office–which is where I spend a large portion of my time–one or both of our cats is usually there too. Often, one of them is sitting on my lap, but to make that work, I have to partly sit cross-legged in my office chair. That’s fine for a while, but eventually my leg starts to fall asleep. In the past, I would pick up the cat, reposition my legs and set the cat down again, which was awkward and didn’t help that much. Now I pick up the cat and set them in the cat bed, where they can watch me work and get petted when I’m not typing. They usually curl up happily and stay for hours. It gives me the benefit of having a…

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