Arsenal v Leicester, Manchester City v Bournemouth: clockwatch – live!

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Half-time reading

Updated at 10.55 EDT

Peep peep! These are the half-time scores in the five Premier League games.

Arsenal 2-0 Leicester Jesus 2

Brighton 0-0 Newcastle

Man City 3-0 Bournemouth Gundogan, De Bruyne, Foden

Southampton 0-0 Leeds

Wolves 0-0 Fulham

A notable scoreline in the Championship: Rotherham 4-0 Reading

You can follow all the games with our live scoreboard.

Manchester City, 3-0 up against Bournemouth at half-time. Who’ll be playing the Eddie Large role today? It won’t be Jerry Sadowitz, we know that.

Updated at 10.51 EDT

Man City 3-0 Bournemouth “Rob, I know,” says Mary Waltz. “Early days, two games do not make a season, don’t overreact, etc, etc. I don’t care, City is a scary f’n team. They are going to crush all but a handful of teams this season.”

Arsenal 2-0 Leicester The referee gives Leicester a penalty for a foul by Aaron Ramsdale on Jamie Vardy – but…

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