American Airlines Flight Attendants Just Made a Big Complaint, and Nobody Is Very Happy

American Airlines Flight Attendants Just Made A Big Complaint, And Nobody Is Very Happy - Gettyimages 1242220694 510511

A heck of a lot of people usually want to become American Airlines flight attendants.

“It’s a lower acceptance rate than Harvard by a long way,” as former American Airlines CEO Doug Parker put it a few years ago. “We get the best of the best.”

At the time, he was probably right. Before the pandemic, American Airlines had something like 500,000 applications on hand for 2,000 flight attendant openings.

Since then, however, the whole airline industry has been upended, and at both American Airlines and its competitors, some of the luster might have come off the idea of the job.

Case in point: The recent communications of the union that represents American Airlines flight attendants, which blasted American Airlines this week over scheduling issues.

In short, the union says its members are “frustrated,” and left feeling that American Airlines has “zero consideration for the well-being of our flight attendants,” because of “high line averages and the increased number of hours forced onto…

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