4 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid as Your Small Business Grows

4 Crucial Mistakes To Avoid As Your Small Business Grows - Gettyimages 1312001428 510531

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you’re probably used to a razor-thin margin for error. Without the deep pockets and seemingly endless resources that more established companies have, we must plan ahead, readily adapt and be deliberate in the decisions we make. Because not doing so can result in costly mistakes that hinder the growth we’re after.

In reality, the act of maintaining a ‘small business’ mindset ultimately helps businesses meet their full potential and grow beyond all expectations while staying true to their origins and purpose. Here are four must-avoid mistakes entrepreneurs often make when trying to grow their businesses.

1. Don’t let your customer relationships suffer.

I try to shop at my local independent grocery store when I can. Although the selection might not be as plentiful as the superstore down the street, I know the names of all the cashiers and vice-versa, and they’ve special-ordered items for me at my request.  

These small business community…

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This article was written by Jerry Jao and originally published on www.inc.com