Steal This Author’s Jedi Mind Trick to Help Employees (or Kids) Manage Their Time Better

Steal This Author'S Jedi Mind Trick To Help Employees (Or Kids) Manage Their Time Better - Gettyimages 1308370134 508415

Say you have an employee (or a teenager) who is a disaster at time management. Work gets turned in late or not all, everything is always a rush, and real priorities are neglected in favor of short-term pleasures or irrelevancies. How can you help them change their ways? 

Your first instinct might be to threaten and complain, but when it comes to getting other people to change their behavior, nagging doesn’t work. If you haven’t already observed this truth in your own life, then experts can confirm it. 

“It may be that you have somebody that you’re married to or someone in your family that you think needs to get more active or eat better or what have you. What you will probably be incredibly unsuccessful at doing is nagging them until they get it done. It doesn’t work,” declared psychologist BJ Fogg, director of the Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford, in an interview a few years back. Shame and motivational speeches also have a low likelihood of success. 

So what does work? When…

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