South Korea just pardoned Samsung’s chief for bribing a former president because the country needs him to overcome a ‘national economic crisis’

South Korea pardoned Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Jay Y. Lee so he can help the country overcome its economic crisis.
South Korea just pardoned Samsung’s de facto leader, Jay Y. Lee, for bribing a former president.
The justice ministry said Lee needs to help the country overcome a “national economic crisis.”
South Korea faces economic headwinds from the Ukraine war, soaring inflation, and slowing demand.

South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol pardoned Samsung’s de facto chief for bribing a former president because he’s just too important for the country’s economy.

In a Friday announcement, South Korea’s Justice Ministry said Samsung Electronics vice chairman Jay Y. Lee was needed to help with the country’s “economic crisis.”

“Key business people were included in the pardons in consideration of their roles in leading national growth through technology investment and job creation, given that the country badly needs to overcome an economic crisis,” a government official told the

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