Russia-Ukraine war: Zelenskiy tells officials to stop leaking military tactics; UN sounds nuclear plant warning – live

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Eleven rockets hit the city of Kramatorsk in eastern Ukraine at 2am, according to the city’s mayor.

Mayor Oleksandr Honcharenko posted on Facebook:

Private homes were destroyed. There is no information about victims. Occupiers destroy everything in their path – a terrorist tactic.

Updated at 04.30 EDT

The UK has posted its daily defence intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine.

Key points as follows:

On 9 August, explosions occurred at the Russian-operated Saky military airfield in western Crimea.

The original cause of the blasts is unclear, but the large mushroom clouds visible in eyewitness video were almost certainly from the detonation of up to four uncovered munition storage areas.

At least five fighter-bombers and three multi-role jets were almost certainly destroyed or seriously damaged in the blasts. Saky’s central dispersal area has suffered serious damage, but the airfield probably…

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