How to Build Employee Buy-In Into Your Corporate Giving

How To Build Employee Buy-In Into Your Corporate Giving - Gettyimages 1368958550 510487

You know your employees are passionate about the causes and charities they support.  So why does their excitement wane when it comes to championing your company’s philanthropic initiatives?

This phenomenon may be frustrating but it’s not unusual. Frequently, poor employee commitment toward corporate giving stems from a misalignment between executives’ goals and workers’ preferences. For instance, many organizations defer to the C-suite to choose which nonprofits deserve to receive funds. But if team members aren’t on board with those choices, they aren’t likely to get excited about them. As a result, the company’s corporate giving program participation and promotion begin to decline.

What’s the most straightforward method to resolve this issue? Above all else, find ways to empower your employees to have a bigger say in your company’s philanthropic endeavors. Not only will you be more likely to see a stronger corporate giving response but you may see an uptick in employee engagement,…

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