Fires Rip Through France Amid New Heat Wave

PARIS — France is burning.

Throughout the country, and for the second time in less than a month, dozens of square miles of parched forest have been reduced to smoldering ashes by wildfires spreading rapidly amid a record drought and a new heat wave, once again forcing thousands of people to evacuate.

“Since June, our country has been facing exceptional fires,” Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne said on Thursday during a visit to Hostens, a small town in the southwestern region of Gironde, which has endured the worst of the recent blazes.

Ms. Borne announced a reinforcement of firefighting equipment and a set of new measures to “prepare for events that we know are also linked to climate change.”

The wildfires, which have torn through several regions near the Atlantic coast and parts of the south, have resulted in a tragic repetition of the scenes observed last month, when France was first engulfed by extreme blazes. Fire trucks raced back and forth under black-and-orange skies,…

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