Ethereum (ETH) vs. Ethereum Classic (ETC): How the Split Happened

If you’re looking to buy Ethereum, you might come across two similarly named cryptocurrency blockchain networks: Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. Both have native coins — ETH and ETC, respectively — referred to as “ether,” but their prices and market caps are dramatically different. Ethereum is the most popular option by a large margin.

The Ethereum blockchain went live in 2015, quickly becoming a popular alternative to Bitcoin due to the increased functionality it offered. Ethereum Classic resulted from a programming update to the Ethereum blockchain following a hacking incident in 2016. Today, both blockchains remain operational, but Ethereum’s price and market cap have soared, far outpacing Ethereum Classic.

Key differences

High. Ethereum is second only to Bitcoin, with a market cap of a little over $215 billion.

Low. ETC is far behind ETH, with a market cap of about $5.1 billion.

High. The price of 1 ETH coin has ranged from $1,040 to $3,700 so far in 2022.

Low. Year to date in…

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