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And now for something completely different. It’s time to test your knowledge of Premier League players who have been loaned to Serie A clubs because, well, why not? Look, there’s a tangential link to Pablo Marí being packed off to Monza for the season. Just roll with it, OK?

Frank has also been talking about Brentford’s new signing, Mikkel Damsgaard. Unsurprisingly, he’s tried to downplay lofty comparisons with Eriksen.

We are excited to work with him and develop him as he has a high ceiling. We want to maximise his potential. He is a different style from Eriksen. Christian has proved himself, Damsgaard is on the development and on an upwards journey. It is tempting to put him in the squad for tomorrow but he won’t start.

Thomas Frank has reserved some warm words for Christian Eriksen ahead of his return to Brentford with Manchester United. There may be a few misty eyes in the house, though Frank has…

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