Disabled children abused in Ukraine’s orphanages, warns UN

Disabled children are being abused and neglected in institutions across Ukraine, UN experts have warned.

The human rights officials said the war had made their situation even worse and called on the Ukrainian government to right its “historic wrongs”.

Their statement comes after a BBC News investigation uncovered widespread abuse in the country’s orphanages.

There were more than 100,000 children and young people living in institutions before the war.

When Russia invaded in February, thousands of disabled people were removed from the institutions and sent back to their families.

The UN experts say that they were left without any appropriate support, putting them at risk of further abuse, a life on the streets or becoming victims to trafficking.

However, thousands are still living in Ukraine’s vast network of nearly 700 institutions. Even though these places are called “orphanages”, 90% of those who live there have families.

They are casualties of a Soviet-era system that…

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This article was written by and originally published on www.bbc.co.uk