Attention Gmail users: Your inboxes are about to get way more spammy with political email thanks to a new ruling by federal regulators

The Federal Election Commission approved Google’s request to drop spam filters for some federal political candidates’ campaign emails.
Google asked federal regulators to OK a plan for easing spam filters on political emails.
The Federal Election Commission voted 4-1-1 to approve Google’s plan.
Hundreds of people wrote the FEC to lobby against Google’s plan.

Get ready for an whole lot more political email hitting your main Gmail inbox.

In a 4-1-1 vote Thursday, the Federal Election Commission ruled that Google could legally launch a pilot program for political candidates that allows them to skirt email spam filters when raising money from, or otherwise communicating with, prospective voters and donors.

Despite a torrent of public outrage preceding the vote, Google is now free to invite federal political candidates to sign up for the email pilot program, which would amount to a free pass out of Gmail spam-box purgatory.

The core question before the FEC was decidedly narrow: Would a…

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