Applied Web NY provides a variety of services that can help your organization promote its message or its products and services. To upgrade to Member+, you can submit a support ticket and a customer service agent will get you started.



Bulletin Boost

Bulletin Boost gives you the option to promote any bulletin to the top of a channel stream. Boosted bulletins are also pushed out to the Applied Web NY Slack team. A maximum of five random boosted bulletins are displayed at the top of a channel stream every time the channel web page is served. A boosted bulletin can be displayed for 24 hours on the top of Applied Web NY home bulletin stream, and for 48 hours on any channel stream. Once a bulletin has been boosted by any member, it cannot be boosted again.


Applied Web NY can help expand the reach of your organization with a Newspage, a dedicated Applied Web NY channel on a topic of your choosing. In addition to posting bulletins to your Newspage and other channels, you can automatically syndicate the web content you are already creating, if your organization produces an RSS feed. Newspages provide a great opportunity to spread the information you would like to share easily and efficiently to other professionals in New York's public sphere.