Basic Membership

A basic membership is free and available by invitation to elected officials, employees, volunteers, and students in government, associations, charities, political groups, and the media who depend on the web every day as an essential tool for work. Non-members can request an invitation, and current members can send invitations, here.

Basic Membership


Customize your own startpage with information and web tools professionals in New York’s public sphere need.

Set your Applied Web NY Dashboard as your web browser startpage and be only a click or two away from the information and web tools you need.

With the Dashboard, you can rearrange, add, and remove your favorite blocks, and add links to your favorite web tools, to create a custom web portal that fits your needs. There are blocks for each Applied Web NY bulletin server channel, your Queue, and more. Configurable toolset blocks let you select links to web tools included in Applied Web NY's "Toolbox" or you can add your own tools to share with members. And there is a growing list of special blocks that let you do things like research bills in the state legislature.

For professionals in New York's public sphere who depend on the web everyday as an essential tool for work, the Applied Web NY Dashboard is a must.

Post to New York's Central Bulletin Server

Members can post their own bulletins to the "bulletin server" to share their information with each other and the general public.

The core of Applied Web NY is the bulletin server. Bulletins are press releases, announcements, calls to action, to do items, articles, links -- basically anything members wish to share with each other and the general public. Applied Web NY also monitors relevant websites to find and deliver bulletins from the news media, state government websites, and more.

Members can apply a variety of web tools to a posted bulletin. They can "star" the bulletin to add it to their Applied Web NY Queue, comment on the bulletin, request email reminders for dated bulletins, forward the bulletin via email, or add the bulletin to a number of other web-based services members may use such as Google Calendar, Evernote, Trello, and more.

Member+ members also have access to special features for promoting bulletins including “boosting” bulletins to the Applied Web NY Slack team and the top of channel streams, creating custom bulletin channels called Newspages, and emailing their bulletins as “News/Letters” to one of several mailing lists maintained by Applied Web NY.

The Applied Web NY Slack Team

Be a New York public affairs insider with Applied Web NY and Slack. Connect and communicate with professionals in New York's public sphere.

Slack is a popular work messaging and collaboration tool that Applied Web NY uses to encourage communication among professionals in New York's public sphere. With Slack, team members can send and receive notifications about important news and updates right on their mobile devices and desktops. A Slack team invitation is sent automatically when joining Applied Web NY.


Delivered weekday mornings on Slack, the {AW:NY} ePremium is a newsletter with links to the latest top news stories and state public affairs programming. The {AW:NY} ePremium also includes links to some of the best sources on web-related work with each edition focusing on a timely topic of interest to professionals who depend on the web to get things done.

A special weekly edition of the ePremium is also posted to Slack, LinkedIn, and delivered to state officials and legislators.

Keep in touch on the Applied Web NY Slack Team

We love hearing from members! Members can direct message @steve or @matt on the Slack team if they have questions, comments, or just want to chat. We’re here to help.