Statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on Proposed TSA Cuts to Canine Teams


"The Trump Administration's proposal to cut funding for programs that secure New York's most obvious targets is unacceptable. The federal government has already sent a clear message that it prioritizes tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans over vital services that benefit all Americans, but to cut spending on critical security is inexcusable.

"Canine teams play a vital role in life-saving security measures across our state, including in our airports and transit hubs like Penn Station and Grand Central.

"New York will always be a unique target, both as the economic and cultural center of the nation and because we stand for the values of freedom and democracy. The safety of New Yorkers is our number one priority and the State, including the MTA and the Port Authority, will continue to support canine teams and fill in gaps in federal spending where necessary.

"I urge Congress to consider the dangerous implications of this budget proposal and reject it outright."

Albany, NY
United States